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Accessorizing Avery’s Coastal Home

Octopus, conch and coral – oh my! Often when I’m speaking in my home state of Florida, inevitably the topic of coastal design comes up. How can we do a specific theme without getting too kitschy? Avery wanted a coastal home. Her husband and growing family built a gorgeous new house on the intracoastal waterway.

The key to great accessorizing and artwork is subtly and repetition all with a bit of moderation. There are obvious choices like navy blue, coral and whitewashed or painted wood elements. I wanted Avery’s home to be fresh and pretty, but most certainly coastal.

{ALL images taken with my cell phone!!}

Adding contemporary elements to a coastal theme keep it feeling new and up to date.


Local floral cuttings are authentic and fun. Adding fur or textural elements are on trend and youthful.


Keeping thematic elements like shells to a minimum is key to an overall chic outcome.

Books whose subject matter is part of the theme are a smart choice, just make sure they are beautiful and sophisticated.       IMG_0828  


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