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My Office Tour: Making a Rental Fabulous

My team and I recently moved into a new office space in Palm Beach Gardens.  It is a work in progress, but I am loving the space!  I wanted to create a vibe that would foster creativity and a sense of fun.  A place where I could bring clients to give them a sense of my style and a space where I could get some serious work done.

Hint: That is my tile on the backsplash! From my Eighty By Krista produced by TileBar.

It’s important that my library of materials has a ton of resources for me to pull from when I’m working on the design of a new home. Our little kitchenette is our refuge for breakfast, lunch, snacks and coffee throughout the day. I am tea obsessed (because the ladies love a cold office) so I drink hot Chamomile (to keep me calm) and peppermint tea throughout the day. It’s a fun yet highly energized office. We are super busy (thank g*d) and all of us need a refuge to keep us balanced.

Here are some of the details and elements I chose for our offices:

The tile on our backsplash is from my collection and it’s called “Patience” after the Guns n’ Roses song. All my tile is 80s inspired.

Style wise: do you like the apples and Pellegrino or the pink hydrangea? I love hydrangea in general.

Below: We installed IKEA cabinetry so we wouldn’t feel a huge financial hit when we have to remove it when our lease is up. And yes I will have to remove the backsplash and repair the wall. But when our lease is up it will be four years in this space. All these upgrades are worth it. And we made it so nice the next tenant my like what we’ve done. I used remnant pieces of quartzite for the counters.

This is my office below  – even though I have a sexy husband I love looking at uber cute models! Feels very fashionista and NYC… This is a photo by my super talented fashion photographer friend Willis Roberts. I went with wallpaper to give the walls a finished look. Of course we couldn’t change window treatments or flooring so there are drapes coming soon. It’s still in process.

The main library conference area is very simple and clean. It needs to function – I pile this table up with fabric books, tiles, Quartz and cabinetry samples – it looks like a design tornado has hit when I’m getting ready for a presentation!